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The Real AI Expert with Deepak Sekar

The Real AI Expert with Deepak Sekar

Ep 3 | Deepak Sekar, Robotics to AI, merging AI & learning, critical skills for prompt engineering, Nostradamus' predictions

What does it take to innovate using artificial intelligence? How can generative AI avatars improve learning?

We talk with a technologist on the front lines.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the education system, prompting parents to become more involved in their children's learning. Deepak Sekar is one of those parents and an inventor with 214 patents who has successfully merged his passion for AI with his commitment to revolutionizing the education sector.

Over the next decade, 50% of all online content will be produced or augmented with Generative AI. This episode discusses the evolving dynamics in building education companies with artificial intelligence and generative AI. We deep dive into how technical skills matter to create differentiation and not underestimate the time and effort required to develop unique and innovative solutions.

Prof Jim is an AI-enabled platform that transforms traditional textbooks into interactive video courses. The current generation of learners prefers video-based learning over conventional textbooks. This innovative approach reduces the cost of producing content by 15x and is poised to revolutionize the education landscape.

Join us for a conversation about the future of robotics, artificial intelligence, and learning.

We cover:
  • Robotics and Chowbotics. Where is robotics headed?

  • Deepak’s transition from a robotics-based startup to an AI education

  • How Prof Jim merged AI & learning together

  • Deepaks predictions for the future of AI and the most critical skills for prompt engineering

  • IIT Madras and the IIT education systems 

  • Is Deepak an AI optimist or skeptic?

  • Nostradamus gives us his take on what’s Obviously The Future

Listen to the full episode or watch on YouTube to discover how education is being revolutionized with engaging content.

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