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The Power of Story: Turning fiction into reality with Damien Walter

The Power of Story: Turning fiction into reality with Damien Walter

Ep 12 | Damien Walter, Science Fiction Community, TechnoOptimism Manifesto, Storytelling, SciFi as the great leveler

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What is the role of story in technology and humanity? Is Elon Musk one of the greatest storytellers of our generation?

Damien Walter is a "rockstar critic" in science fiction and fantasy. He runs a 30,000+ member Science Fiction community and hosts the popular Science Fiction podcast and YouTube channel, where he explores the myths underpinning our society through modern entertainment.

‘Story is the physics of the human world.’

We discuss Damien's reaction to Marc Andreessen's Techno-Optimist Manifesto and explore the future of storytelling, AI, and education.

Damien's thoughtful views reinforce several Avalanche VC theses - from efficacious edutainment to the importance of online communities.

We cover:

  • Reaction to Marc Andreessen’s Techno Optimist Manifesto as a neo-religion

  • How Science Fiction narratives are embedded in technology companies

  • YouTube is the largest university in the world, but this is more evident outside the Western world

  • We are going back to an oral culture: speaking and listening

  • Gender imbalance in the Science Fiction community

  • Imagining the most productive part of a career between 13 and 19 years old

  • Book Recommendation: The Philosophy Of History by GW Hegel

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