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Friendship Funnel with Nick Gray

Friendship Funnel with Nick Gray

Ep 7 | Nick Gray, successful event formula, online friendship hygiene, viral posts, friends newsletters, doing things that don't scale

What are some tips and tricks for making new friends? Why in real life events are critical to community building?

“Friend Billionaire”


we are big believers in Nick’s 2-hour cocktail methodology and implement his best practices at all our events (name tags, always!), so we are excited to hear all the insight in this tactical conversation.

Nick explains why he believes in-person events designed for introverts are obviously the future. Further, we explore how social media can complement in-person interactions to keep in touch and why you shouldn’t call your event a ‘networking event’ even if that is purpose.

Our conversation contains tips and tricks to make you a successful event host and how we judge a founder's learning cycle based on how quickly they implement tactical advice.

Listen to the full episode or watch it on YouTube to discover how to build the top of your friend funnel with a network of loose acquaintances, design events for introverts to be successful, and why it’s sometimes okay to do unscalable things.

We cover:

  • Doing things that don’t scale to build relationships

  • Good online friendship hygiene - double opt-in intros, personal newsletters

  • The Friendship Funnel: Going from acquaintance to friend to deep friend

  • Why Nick helps people build friendships

  • Assisting people with social anxiety enjoy events

  • Nick’s viral Instagram video - 26 million views

  • The 2-Hour Cocktail Party on Amazon

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