Obviously The Future
Obviously The Future
The Formula For Greatness
The Formula For Greatness
Ep 1 | Sir Michael Barber joins to discuss accomplishment, reflect on lessons in venture, opine on the future

How does one achieve massive results? What does it take to be truly great?

We sat with global implementation expert Sir Michael Barber, Chair of Delivery Associates and LP & Advisor to Avalanche VC. Join us for a reflective conversation on our work together in the past and about accomplishing big goals and changing the world. 

You can expect a wide-ranging conversation with historical and literary anecdotes, actionable advice, and honest takes.

In this episode, we cover:
  • How to chair effective meetings

  • Reflection on our time at Pearson Ventures. Was it an accomplishment?

  • How do you create the right message to drive irreversibility?

  • Building any significant venture is at least a ten-year journey

  • How do you define accomplishment? 

  • Reflections on the original Avalanche thesis and what is obviously the future

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We will mail a signed copy of Michael’s latest book, Accomplishment: How to Achieve Ambitious and Challenging Things, to the person who leaves and shares the most thoughtful comment.

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