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GovTech: Solving Last Mile Delivery

GovTech: Solving Last Mile Delivery

Ep 5 | Saad Rizvi & Al-Hassan Hleileh, urgency, technology brings transparency, delivering public goods, crypto as an extension of government, Dune

How can we instill outcomes and urgency in government? What is the opportunity for startups to deliver public goods?

We discuss government, delivery, and technology with our long-time friends and colleagues, Saad Rizvi and Al-Hassan Hleileh. Saad is currently a partner at SuperLayer, a consumer crypto incubator, and previously co-founded Delivery Associates and co-authored An Avalanche Is Coming (along with Katelyn). Al-Hassan was most recently the Head of Digital at Delivery Associates and previously founded and worked at several Silicon Valley startups.

U.S. government spending was 37% of GDP in 2022. Public trust in government is now hovering at 16%. The effectiveness of public services impacts the quality of life of every member of society. While technology and service delivery in the private sector have surged, public institutions feel calcified in the past. Something has got to give.

Today, we are focused on solutions.

What can be done to get outcomes for public dollars? How can technology startups play a role? What are the investment opportunities for companies that solve public problems? Can crypto play a role?

Listen to the full episode or watch it on YouTube to discover the massive opportunity to drive efficiency and effectiveness in government using technology.

We cover:

  • Background on Delivery Associates, DA Digital, and Deliverology

  • Most government officials are not experienced operators of huge organizations

  • Ensuring a sense of urgency in government

  • Quick wins vs. fixing systems long-term

  • How technology drives outcomes and transparency

  • DA has partnered with Trill Impact, a Private Equity firm. Building DA took discipline from not taking venture capital.

  • Future of delivering public goods. Digital end-to-end delivery increases efficiency. Example: Pano AI helps government manage wildfires

  • Dune as a government vs. citizen conflict

  • Crypto as an extension of government — crypto as pro-citizen

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