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Fanatical Learning Communities with Warren Carlyle

Fanatical Learning Communities with Warren Carlyle

Ep 8 | Warren Carlyle, Octopus Fan Club, LawNerds, Capturing Attention, Building Community, Neurodivergence as a Super Power

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How do you build fanatical learning communities online? How does one ‘manufacture relevancy’?

Warren Carlyle, Founder of OctoNation

We dive deep into the world of Warren Carlyle, a professional community-building strategist who works with purpose-driven brands & influencers to build highly engaged online communities and wildly successful social media campaigns. He is also the founder/CEO of OctoNation- The Largest Octopus Fan Club, a nonprofit organization that inspires ocean conservation by teaching the world about octopuses. OctoNation has over 1 million members and educational content that inspires and enthralls millions each week.

Warren is a neurodivergent thinker who has studied ‘the games people play’ to capture people’s attention and influence their behavior. He now exclusively works with creators & community builders who can facilitate nuanced conversations at scale that make people a better person.

Warren has recently worked with Emily D Baker to build a massive legal learning community called Law Nerds. Emily has the most live concurrent viewers of any streamer on YouTube that's not a gamer (~300k).

Listen to the full episode or watch it on YouTube to discover how Warren went from studying classical saxophone to a New York fashion photographer to building and advising some of the largest online communities.

We cover:

  • Using the Octopus as a wedge to inspire wonder of the ocean

  • How brands start small and niche to grow big

  • What it takes to grab and earn attention to create entertaining and educational programming

  • How Warren overcame initial rejection from the academic community 

  • Working with Emily D Baker to create a legal literacy community using pop culture commentary.

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