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Empowering Parents: School Choice and Technology

Empowering Parents: School Choice and Technology

Ep 2 | Joe Connor, Odyssey Education, ESAs, Streamlined Technology Platform, Informed Choices

What does it take to empower parents and decentralize schooling? Why is a diversity of school models important to parents? Are we at a tipping point?

Joe Connor, CEO of Odyssey Education

Education is a fundamental pillar of society, shaping the minds and futures of our children. However, traditional education models have often fallen short in meeting the diverse needs of students.

In this episode, we speak with Joe Connor, the founder and CEO of Odyssey. He shares his experiences with two legendary education organizations, KIPP and Rocketship, and how they have shaped his perspective on education. From the importance of mission-driven organizations to the power of parental involvement, Connor delves into the evolving landscape of education and the rise of alternative models. 

Joe is a rare combination of lawyer, teacher, school system expert, and technologist.

He has been a classroom teacher, a policy lawyer, and an EdTech operator. He is now building his second company, Odyssey Education, to catalyze the avalanche toward access to alternative education by operationalizing system change through a seamless technology experience that connects government funding, parents, and learning providers.

We cover:

  • Joe’s experiences from his time teaching

  • Why now? What is the demand from parents higher now than ever before and at a tipping point?

  • What does Odyssey Education do? What is an ESA & micro grant?

  • How did Joe identify alternative education implementation as an area he was uniquely able to solve?

  • Why do state governments want alternative education? Are ESAs and School choice bi-partisan? How does this issue cut on political lines?

  • What are the outcomes for students? How do you measure value for money?

Listen to the full episode or watch on YouTube to discover how education is being revolutionized and join the movement towards a more inclusive and tailored approach to learning.

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Note: Odyssey Education is a portfolio company of Avalanche VC.

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