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Interesting read and summary for someone looking at the landscape from outside the space. As a parent of young children, I wonder how we can create the right incentives for edutainment companies. Success in entertainment/media is eyeballs and time spent with content. I'd argue that would be the incorrect measure of success here. In fact, more learning in less time would seemingly be the goal.

How can we incentivize innovation (and let's be honest, monetization) around learning outcomes? A product that can measure my children's progress is a product that will get my dollars.

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Thank you for this detailed analysis Katelyn. Most of the elements might be true for all countries and not just the US.

Would the assumption be correct that the analysis is more geared towards K12 school districts in the US and hence discusses the structured learning pathways there?

I think you might agree that edutainment might be equally if not more important for learning skills such as financial literacy, life skills, skills in general, assessments of skills including things such as driving skills.

Akhil Kishore


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Great read! And thanks for the shoutout! 😇

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