Dear Katelyn Donnelly,

I fell upon one of your articles surrounding the current landscape of educational alternatives in the US. Fascinating. Actually, my life’s work. I had wanted to inquire as to whether you intend to write another article about educational alternatives and if so, if you would be amenable to adding my company to the list of alternatives- alongside Sora schools, Kubrio, and Primer of which you mentioned.

I am the founder and CEO of The Hub Inc., an educational support organization geared to serving the homeschooling population and modern day parents. www.thehubct.net

We are in seed phase, but quickly growing.

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Katelyn, This is a good forwarding article. But it does not distinguish between the alternative education solutions which are established and have achieved scale and those that are at the experimental phase with only dozens or hundreds of students. In the homeschooling world, there are a number of curriculum with scale (ie more than a hundred thousand students using them) such as Time4Learning.com (a secular online digital curriculum of which I am the founder and president), Abeka (religious textbook/workbook package), Monarch (religious online digital curriculum), Sonlight, and half a dozen others. There are also massive homeschool coops and Outschool which also have large scale usage. Most of the programs that you mention are exciting but still experimental as to whether they will achieve scale. John Edelson.

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