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The New Path to Home Ownership with Catalina Kaiyoorawongs

The New Path to Home Ownership with Catalina Kaiyoorawongs

Ep 4 | Catalina Kaiyoorawongs, Qualifying for a Mortgage, Restructuring Student Debt, First Time Homeowners, LoanSense

Do Millennials want to be homeowners? What is the most significant barrier to homeownership?

With rising interest rates and high student loan debt, getting a mortgage and being a homeowner is less accessible than ever. Catalina Kaiyoorawongs is a passionate expert in increasing access to home ownership. Join us to understand the real deal with federal student loan forgiveness, the changes to credit underwriting, and why now might be one of the best times for first-time home buyers.

Catalina founded LoanSense, which helps loan officers boost home affordability by reducing student loan payments and lowering debt-to-income. LoanSense also saves the 7 out of 10 loans turned away primarily due to Americans' high student loan debt and gets them back to the lender in 21 days.

“The loan officer is the financial advisor to the average person.”

Americans are denied the dream of homeownership with little understanding of how to be accepted for a mortgage, while 82% of the wealth of people’s retirement comes from their homes. Catalina created LoanSense to build a more inclusive America where every rejected applicant for a home loan can leave their lender with a clear pathway on how to get back to the closing table.

Join us for a conversation about the future of home ownership, student debt restructuring, and the future of credit underwriting.

We cover:
  • The desire to rent vs. the goal to buy

  • Why can’t people buy homes? Debt to income ratio instead of FICO scores

  • What’s the real deal with federal student loan forgiveness?

  • The link between the higher education system and home ownership. Is it worth it? Wage premium vs. wealth premium of a college degree

  • Revolutionary changes to credit underwriting

  • Changing laws to protect financing privacy will level home buyers' playing field

Listen to the full episode or watch it on YouTube to discover what it takes to increase homeownership for Millennials and GenZ.

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LoanSense is a portfolio company of Avalanche VC.

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